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dont-mess-with-texasTonight, @fochisel smolders via the wonders of telecommunications, we discuss; The Brit and the American, The Black Guy that Tips, the Sho, homosexual friends, Christmas, America, Smolder’s smolder, Colorado visit, LEGO jealousy, animation, Papa Chisler, Dani and Eytan Kollin, poker, Friday After Work Vegas trip, staph infections, Texas, and more.

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On this Greatest Hits You've Never Heard #2 we hear quickest bits you've never heard from The Jew, Mr Hospitality, The Brit and The American, Sister Chislers Mister, The Kollin Brothers, Raul, and Dr Steve.

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The Machine is joined on Christmas by @smolderkisses and Stone Cold Steve Putin. We discuss; when was Jesus born, toys, current events, South Africa, racism, Nazis, prayin’ to Texas, fashion in South Africa, hippies, movies, skiing, North Korea, and more.


‘Fake’ interpreter at Nelson Mandela memorial

Past Ghosts: Outside South Africa’s capital apartheid thrives

Borah Symposium: “The End of Apartheid and Reconciliation in South Africa”


Raw: President Obama in South Africa

Celebrities Arrive for Mandela Memorial

Soul Sacrifice – Santana – Woodstock 1969

Cheech & Chong up in smoke

Dazed and Confused In 10 Minutes

We Are Alta – Ski Utah

Kim Jong-un’s uncle Jang Song-thaek out, close aides executed

Pyongyang Style – North Korean Haircut

Life in the People’s Paradise of DPRK

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong Un at opening of new meat shop

North Korea Trip (2011) ~ Less Legal Videos+Photos & Commentary!

Friends of Kim – North Korea Documentary

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Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un

Live from Moscow, Tazmann returns! We discuss; sassy narcissists, mean jokes, Dr Professor Awesome, falling down the stairs, Bruce Springsteen, handicap parking, special characters in license plates, butter, MARTA elevators, skilled workers, A Christmas Story, 12 days of Christmas, North Korea, gun control, Pussy Riot, Downs Syndrome, and Friday After Drinking.

Links & Videos

Rion Holcombe gets a special letter in the mail

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bumperFriday After Work Zone, cosmic mysteries, @fergatron, poor dinner choices, Chisler performances, the art of negotiation, aging kitty, news reel, Roswell or Decatur Fashion Week, Machine love, trampolines, and Back to the Future.

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@SmolderKisses joins me to discuss; racism, the word ‘liberal’, freedom, Stone Cold Putin, nose infection, UStream fail, moral crisis, North Pole crisis, Elf on a Shelf, Christianity, Germans, distractions, Santa Claus, BitCoin, rap interlude, asteroids, NASA, Cosmos reboot, a break, same-sex marriage in Utah, Philadelphia, Beverly Hills Cop, and Smolder’s message to our Christmas future.


The Origin of Santa Claus

Gangsta Fag – The Faggots

Gangsta Fag – He Wants It

Apophis in 2029 or 2036

A Giant Asteroid collision? our first real threat friday 13th 2029

Cosmos 2014 – Neil deGrasse Tyson on FOX, Carl Sagan remembered!

Utah Gay Marriage Ban Overturned

Beverly Hills Cop best scenes SaveYouTube com

Beverly Hills Cop Main Theme

The Worst Games You’ve Never Played #1 (Part 1)