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Howard The Duck in a plane@SmolderKisses joins…we discuss; having a baby, Gone with the Wind, postwar Japan, really bad Japanese accents, Russian Olympic pretexts, Brazil, Apple fanboys, Apple discussion, Samsung is taking over the world, iPad specs, white people, Apple masturbation video, SpaceX, computer problems, Stone Cold Putin, ASUS Zenbook, heli-skiing, Breckenridge, ski football, John McAfee, selling stuff,


The Tokyo 1964 Olympics Part 1 | Olympic History

View video on YouTube

Apple – Introducing iPhone 5

SpaceX – Cargo Delivery to ISS (simulation)

ASUS ZENBOOK UX301 – Transform your perception

9knights Freeski BIG AIR building by Schneestern

The No Fall Zone

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@SmolderKisses joins, we discuss; Ben Folds, Dr Dre, feminism, income equality, problem solving, sex politics, live machine troubleshooting, von Braun, reflections on the past, Django, and being immune-compromised.


Dr. Dre – Bitches Ain’t Shit

Do Women Earn Less than Men?

Why women don’t ask

How Republicans, Democrats Are Vying to Win Women’s Votes

Cygnus Released on This Week @NASA

Apollo 17 interview with Von Braun & Walter Cronkite, Dec. 6, 1972

Mission Overview | THAICOM 6 Launch

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We are joined by @classlesschap, we discuss; @sassygeek sucks, the 4th dimension, The Friday After Work awards, sensitive friends, @dtbb205, snow days, House of Cards, Zoo Atlanta, We Bought a Zoo, cry babies, fatherhood, Fear and Loathing in Legal States, cannabis, divorce, visual apps, Chisler's list, gambling, space elevators, becoming a parent, low T, and Chisler's list.


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We are joined for the n’th time by @MrHospitality2. We discuss; SR-72 and NSA, Morgan Freeman, @sassygeek sucks, boat anchors, 12 step programs, relationship advice, inappropriate holocaust jokes, Macho Man, eBay troubles, negative stars, Machine 2.0, being at sea, property division, balls kicking, travel across America, using the footrest, having it your way, telescope, W3C standards, cannabis, Chisler’s list, popular apps, two party consent, tits and glass, Monsanto weed, week old cum farts, joking off, Steve Dumpsy, teenage boobies, and Friday After Drinking.

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the_lego_movie_2014-wideI am joined by @podcastwhore and redacted, we discuss; Russia, curling, SpaceX and Mars, Dragon 2 space capsule, @Philtill777, little smolder across the street, blackout curtains, people are late, everything is awesome, ** SPOILER ALERT ** the LEGO Movie, browser defaults, cartoon violence, Valentines Day, @PodcastPimp, just the tip, Muppet Babies, cartoon violence, chairs, what is an IPA, comedy gold, and iTunes review.


Elon Musk on state of U.S. space exploration: Being at Putin’s mercy “not a good thing”

SpaceX: Man On Mars for only $500,000 – MCT stands for Mars Colonial Transporter

The LEGO® Movie – Official Main Trailer [HD]

What Is An IPA?

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The @thechefpod joins us, we discuss; The Kollin Brothers returned, plumbing issues, frozen pipes, Colorado adventures, f*** 311, Doctor Professor Awesome, redacted’s new podcast, Nerf gun fight, China’s space rampage, smoldering to the moon, LEGO, mobile soundboard, Chisler’s list, Apple hack, SR-72, cockpit blowjobs, creamy butter sauce, nuclear sushi, recipes, and Friday After Drinking.