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@SmolderKisses returns, it’s Father’s Day, we discuss; guns, fatherhood, country music, too much clothes, World Cup AIDS, Colorado, text-and-drive, Downing Street memo, positive energy, movies, geopolitics, going negative, dogs, technical difficulties, smell of space, lashing out, George W, ISIS, and more.


Exploding sperm whale (real time & slow motion)

Man Throws Shoes At Bush

Meet ISIS, the Islamic Militant Group That’s Overrunning Iraq | Times Minute | The New York Times

Iraqi Airforce Attack ISIS Base in Mosul

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silverbackUncle Gil aka Uncle F**k Face Mary Joe (whatever) joins…we discuss; Amazon, 4th dimension, black sheep, our weeks, digging ditches going to the zoo, krunkness, British adventurers, post divorce, health issues, car issues, death, missing planes, death by ice cream truck, Chisler’s list, X-37B, Machine gets punched in the face, and Friday After Drinking.


Threading a needle



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Narcissus-Caravaggio_(1594-96)_editedIt’s just @fochisel & @themachinepod, we discuss; our experiences over the last year and a half, our non-network network, not getting paid, divorce, creative output, why we’re like the Beatles, Uke Ladies, feedback, dream guests, The Machine’s birthday party, @mrhospitality2 debates, stealing ideas from @weirdmedicine, our Myers Briggs personality profiles, our personalities and their effects on others, artifacts from the past, a new game, and the winners of the Friday After Work awards.

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arrow-slitMachine is still in Sussex, Tom joins, we discuss; Lewes, fishing in Scotland, old stuff in Sussex, Pier Morgan, Davian Dent, Bon and Obo, the London PodUp, transsexuals, religion, and more.

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seagull-waste-on-a-windowMachine is on location in Brighton, UK. Tom from @britandamerican joins. Among other things, we discuss; @podcastwhore, language differences, Tom has explanations, accents, volcanoes, Coke Zero, sea gull sh*t, and propane yards.

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work-denied@SmolderKisses returns! We discuss; family band, smolder bus, the Smoldress is taking a break from work, mini dachshunds, dating dog people, ranching in Nevada, how to pronounce Afghanistan, Bush, SpaceX, fire triangle lesson, how oxygen works, Worf gets denied, John Ashcroft’s pipes, nonsense video, The Roots, bad advice, fit bit, background bands, shout out to @BigBadEd, and what is a wet liberal.


Cliven Bundy Racist: Cliven Bundy Negro People Pro Slavery Comments

Must See Hilarious George Bush Bloopers! – VERY FUNNY

F9R First Flight Test | 250m

Liquid Nitrogen vs. Liquid Oxygen: Fire

Total synthesis of lysergic acid

Worf gets DENIED again and again on Star Trek TNG.

The Most Secure Security Code Ever

ScHoolboy Q – Man Of The Year

Freestylin with The Roots – April 2013 (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

The Roots – The Seed (2.0) ft. Cody ChesnuTT