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Happy 10 episodes! The Offensive Index explained, theme music reviewed, @FergatROn is a lush, Ed’s cookies, Mr Hospitality – Chisler relations, information security, Mr Hospitality doesn’t wear the pants, new video games, North Korean technology, Agent Rodman, WORMWOOD update, Wu Tang Clan drinking game, Kevin Smith, upcoming guests, Rick Flair’s son, toys and hobbies, military service, and Mr Hospitality’s non-service.

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@FergatROn joins us in the Spank Bank, late of course. Topics include sedating @FergatROn’s kids, Steve Dumpsey’s antics at work, The Machine in the workplace, Spring cleaning, table-top game immersion, being on the down-low, how Dungeons and Dragons work, coupon-clipping, explaining science, sports, Chiselbots, Chisler’s revenge on the Machine, Bible violence, and parenting.



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For the first time we interview folks more famous than us, Dani (@dkollin) & Eytan Kollin. These guys are both interesting and funny as they answer questions from avid fan The Machine. These guys co-wrote the award winning tetralogy the Unincorporated series. In 2010 they won the Prometheus Award from the Libertarian Futurist Society for their first book Unincorporated Man. Dani recently announced on Twitter that they’ve been nominated again for their fourth book Unincorporated Future. They’ve also recently released a short story titled Day by Day.

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Things are getting interesting at NASA. Former astronaut Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) confirmed that NASA is seeking $100 million to grab a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) and bring it closer to Earth for study. The plan calls for using a robotic spacecraft to capture a NEA and bring it into stable lunar orbit. In 2021 astronauts will visit it using the then operational Orion spacecraft. The plan is based on a feasibility study conducted by the Keck Institute for Space Studies in California.

This is very exciting, not only for asteroid defense, but for the nascent asteroid mining industry. Unlike much government spending, NASA spending actually does incubate technologies that aid the development of private enterprise and benefit us all. These technologies are legion and include light-emitting diodes (LEDs), temper foam, artificial limbs, portable cordless vacuums, and solar cells (complete list). For asteroid mining it will not be a single technology but an entire industry.

Some may wonder why asteroid mining is so important. One major reason is to lower the cost of and increasing access to the rare earth metals. Our technological civilization relies on them and they are difficult to find in significant concentrations to mine economically. They are mixed into the dirt all around us. Indeed, some more abundant than gold. Significant quantities are so rare though that China currently supplies approximately 97% of humanities needs.

So what? Well, China has a cut off supplies when they feel its in there interests to do so. They did so to Japan during a diplomatic spat in 2010. Cynics think this was merely an attempt by China to drive up prices. Either way it is not in our long term interest to rely on a single national supplier. Anyone who has bought a diamond (ahem, DeBeers) can understand the power China wields over the market.

A main economic case for asteroid mining is the likelihood that rare earth elements are concentrated in NEAs. The reasons for this goes back to formation of the solar system, the NEAs were never pulverized into planets. NASA’s budget request and plan is a major step towards a more abundant supply. In an age of dysfunctional politics it is encouraging to see the government used in a way that it can be effective. The asteroid mining start-ups, leveraging the lower cost launch infrastructure developed by SpaceX, will benefit from this NASA plan. When the next asteroid explodes over Russia and Congress asks NASA what can be done about it Charles Bolden’s successor will have a better answer than ‘pray’.

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