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Laser Disc

In memoriam of Memorial Day, the Machine and Chisler welcome back The Chef (@ChefMSouth) to the podcast. We throw many topics on the grill including Mr. Hospitality's disappearance, OUR BIGGEST EPISODE HYPE EVER, The Chef picks up a new hobby, The Machine graduating with his Masters degree and has a new job, the Chisler and @ItsTheHappening get kayaks, Mountain Park, and then the three gentlemen go geek and discuss Amibo, Mortal Kombat X, Recursive Deletes, Marvel, Batman V. Superman, The avengers, Daredevil, DC vs Marvel in the movies, Iron Man Vs. Green Lantern, Joss Whedon, Star Wars, "Who Shot First?", LaserDiscs, and wrap it all up with a fitting Friday After Drinking!

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