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chili dog

The Cobra (@classlesschap) returns to FridayAfterWork with his venomous wit! We discuss Master Chef Junior, Honey Bubble, fatherhood, Senior citizen discounts, the Machine and The Kid's trip to Breckenridge, the Cobra is laid off while the Chisler gets a new job, the Machine Surveillance Agency, listicals, popcorn time, the Oscars, Michael Keaton, Frank Sinatra child molester Boppies, impending therapy, breast feeding, The Machine breaks his skis, the post-breakup Kid is hit by an uphill skier followed by a date with her Ski instructor, Chisler tries to make the Machine uncomfortable, Thunderbroom/Cobra/Chisler vs. "the Hamdog", The Shut-Ups, Prince, and Friday After Drinking!

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