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E29: Geographical Anomaly
E30: Mr. Hospitality's Tips and Tricks of Social Etiquette
E31: "I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today" by the Tazmann Fan Band
E32: Challenge of the Chiselfriends
E33: We Are The NSA
E34: Back to The FridayAfterWork
E35: The CoBrah
E36: The Ballad of Breckenridge
E37: Chisler Phoning It In
E38: The Six-Million Dollar Lexus
E39: Five Minutes Awakening
E40: "Down to the Glory Hole" by the Tazmann Fan Band
E42: Lord Tazmann, President of Tasmania
E43: Barn Weddings are the Place to Be
E44: The Chisler Challenge to Lincoln Humphries
E45: new disclaimer
E46: Theme Songs (Sinatra Remix)
E47: Eytan Shrugged
E48: "I'm A Firm Believer" by The Hospitalities

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