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Kangaroo-Fight-640x350[1]Celebrating 50 episodes of Friday After Work! To mark the occasion, we bring you this action-packed, comedic juggernaut of an episode– a true SUPERsode– as The Chisler and The Machine are joined by four of our awesome regular guest hosts: The Jew, The Chef, Tazzman and Mr. Hospitality! Our favorite Australian newscaster and viral video star, Lincoln Humphries (@lbhumphries), makes a special appearance! And our quest to answer questions continues as we seek resolution on the following:

After all of the back and forth smack talking, what will Tazmann do now that he's finally got Mr. Hospitality in the room?

  • What is the REAL reason for The Jew's 29-episode-long absence?
  • Did Tazzman remember to check the box during open enrollment?
  • What did The Chisler do for his birthday, and does anybody actually care?
  • With the holiday shopping season in full effect, can The Chef break free of the distractions to cook up another amazing recipe for our listeners?
  • Who does Lincoln Humphries pick in a boxing match between Vladmir Putin and a kangaroo? And why do Koalas have chlamydia?
  • And, the most unbelievable question of all: What could POSSIBLY drive The Machine to actually sell his Legos?
Drinking games, below-the-belt digs and offensiveness ensue, and we announce some exciting formatting changes (including the death of "Quick Bits")– all this and much so more!

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