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Friday After Work finally returns! Joined by The Mexican, he and the Machine debrief with The Chisler on their trip to Colorado, nonsense golf claps, ¿te comprendes, mendes?, Tenochtitlan, souvenirs, humping monuments, Cheeto's earache, sewer viruses, helpful neighbors happening, Chisler hits the Roswell Beer Fest, fat fucking skiers from Texans, rascals, and teachers on vacations, SpaceX launch delay, @ElonMusk music, fasting Jews in Space, phoenix dragons, Luca's space suit, dressin' like you don't give a fuck, Gilligan's Island, Mary Ann's contract negotiations, Crimea river, Vladmir Putin as a Bond villain, Lady Gaga at SXSW, Chisler's List, Friday After Drinking and THE FRIDAY AFTER WORK AWARDS (info coming soon)!


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