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the_lego_movie_2014-wideI am joined by @podcastwhore and redacted, we discuss; Russia, curling, SpaceX and Mars, Dragon 2 space capsule, @Philtill777, little smolder across the street, blackout curtains, people are late, everything is awesome, ** SPOILER ALERT ** the LEGO Movie, browser defaults, cartoon violence, Valentines Day, @PodcastPimp, just the tip, Muppet Babies, cartoon violence, chairs, what is an IPA, comedy gold, and iTunes review.


Elon Musk on state of U.S. space exploration: Being at Putin’s mercy “not a good thing”

SpaceX: Man On Mars for only $500,000 – MCT stands for Mars Colonial Transporter

The LEGO® Movie – Official Main Trailer [HD]

What Is An IPA?

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