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In this episdoe…@smolderkisses and @themachinepod discuss; Sochi Olympics, 2.5 kids, car origins, five Earths, Middle East, the kids, CrossFit, Colorado and marijuana, Montana weed, talking shit about Denver travel, The Descendants, Ice T, guns, Michael Moore sucks, Newtown, Libyan rebels, civil war, AK-47, Sochi Olympics, comedian Jim Norton


Montana’s Medical Marijuana Battle: “Code of the West” Filmmaker Rebecca Richman Cohen

Colorado’s marijuana tours

The Descendants Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Ice T’s gun comment leaves Moore cold

Michael Moore Loses Gun Control Debate HARD

3D Printed Guns (Documentary)

Front Lines of the Libyan Revolution (Documentary)

AK-47 creator Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94

PRESIDENT Putin Visits ‘SOCHI SKI RESORT’, Capital of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Year to Olympics: Putin slams Sochi delays, fires high officials

Jim Norton – VERY FUNNY Vulgar Language Full Show

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