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@SmolderKisses joins me to discuss; racism, the word ‘liberal’, freedom, Stone Cold Putin, nose infection, UStream fail, moral crisis, North Pole crisis, Elf on a Shelf, Christianity, Germans, distractions, Santa Claus, BitCoin, rap interlude, asteroids, NASA, Cosmos reboot, a break, same-sex marriage in Utah, Philadelphia, Beverly Hills Cop, and Smolder’s message to our Christmas future.


The Origin of Santa Claus

Gangsta Fag – The Faggots

Gangsta Fag – He Wants It

Apophis in 2029 or 2036

A Giant Asteroid collision? our first real threat friday 13th 2029

Cosmos 2014 – Neil deGrasse Tyson on FOX, Carl Sagan remembered!

Utah Gay Marriage Ban Overturned

Beverly Hills Cop best scenes SaveYouTube com

Beverly Hills Cop Main Theme

The Worst Games You’ve Never Played #1 (Part 1)

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