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@SmolderKisses returns again, we discuss Tony Soprano, Al Pacino, The Godfather, Elysium, haves and have nots, Starbucks, drips, SpaceX, Geostationary Transfer Orbit, orbital mechanics, next generation space propulsion, Newton’s Third Law, SpaceX factory, Futurama, Cheeto interruption, The Wire, Omar, Battlestar Galactica, deal with Iran, Vladimir Putin, most powerful people in the world, George W Bush, Barbara Bush, and painting.




Al Pacino-merchant of venice

Al Pacino’s speech about God (The Devil’s Advocate)

Don’t Ever Take Sides Against the Family

Elysium – Official Trailer (HD) Matt Damon

Elysium: Director Neill Blomkamp On Set Interview

Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9’s First Commercial Mission – SES-8

Elons Tour of SpaceX HD

The Wire – Omar testifies against Bird

P5+1 & Iran agree landmark nuclear deal at Geneva talks

President George W. Bush, Part 1 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

President George W. Bush, Part 2 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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