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special-relationship1Sexy people! We are joined by Tomas Moore and Alba Lewis, aka “The Brit and The American” (@britandamerican) and drunkness ensues. Flannel shirts, another @blackmuel high five, Tazmann’s revenge plot, the carnivore challenge, rebuild cars, geography lessons, ginger cats, compliments versus insults, Doctor Professor Awesome, docking, broken sunglasses versus kicked in the nuts, Sister Chisler’s mister, shitty quick bits a plenty: did Ben Affleck kill the joker?, world series bunts, Netflix plugs, Jennifer Lopez’s tits, what the fuck is Tom on?, no knickers, two of the Chisler’s favorites combine, California’s no-fault space clause, two minutes a month allowance, shag bags, the revolutionary war, and can the machine turn his fate around in Friday After Drinking in a Triple Threat Match? Find out now!


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