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Joined by the five-timer @MrHospitality2, Magna Cum Awesome graduate of STFU university! Chisler’s Prom; a serious moment for the Machine; seeking solace through girl-on-girl scenes and avoiding total recall titties; Chisler ignites awkward silence at the bar; fast food inflation; Back to the Future Lego DeLorean; Quick Bits, Wisconsin; Elian Gonzales Bambi; Mascot-eating vs public affair bidding wars; Uruguay as the 51st state (and a two-pronged joke); ninety-nine plants; Mr. Hospitality transcends to Mr. Physicality; Carlos Danger; Beaver Ruin Gynecology; standard Lexus features; Ep30 hype; Snowden has been snowed in; and on Friday After Drinking– Machine defends his .500 record.


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