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We are joined by @Fergatron (he rules), the PayPal button, crazy gun man, the Machine should own a gun, he’s silly, Courtney Jaye, big & heavies, the Kidd, @MrHospitality2‘s van, @fochisel‘s fail with @dkollin, Mama Machine, @fergatron returns, malt liquor, clear cum, who wears the pants, bumper, dirty kitty food cans, diffusion of responsibility, my Dad and my Sister, coming out ahead in a car wreck, departing the sewer-liar, long term guide-path, 787 problems, paralegals,artists with ALS, @Fergatron has a black heart. Twinkies!!!!, big black dicks, Android Studio, Integrated Development Environments, JetBrains, sharing tools, being busy, shit-talking, yelling at children, and Friday After Drinking!

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