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@SmolderKisses is back…err…for the first time, but he’s back! We talk about being neighbors, how far are LEGOs, Joe Rogan would be proud, recording in China?, replace ent car with a sh!t back bumper, O&A in the car, soft coup, smolder burn-out, Hitler fun, Berlin in the ’20s, social media recklessness, social capital for the poor (they tend to cluster), pagers, subconscious bullsh!t, Turkmen satellite, export control on @SmolderKisses (national treasure), Elon Musk is trustworthy, futuristic media, South Park attempted segue, trust but verify, tenets of “chislerdumb”, preventing alcohol abuse, output in traffic, totaling SUVs with sport sedans, Bitcoin (blech), wrong again, Chiselnomics, cognitive dumb-ass, algorithms, Bitcoin drug deals -or- multinational currency, hyper-intelligent sea mammals, Japanese douchebagery, The Hague, Australia’s BFF, barbaric bullsh!t, Friday After Drinking, and The Smolder Message from the Future.

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