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Lucky or unlucky, or Jonestown, @TheJewFAW RETURNS, band touring, leaving concerts early, Pat Benatar, Shixa wanted to leave, tight deadlines, legal stuff, lawyers, pro-bono, @weirdmedicine and guilty pleasures, fluid, too old and cool, good, it’s no longer winter, all purpose weather, RAIN, Spring, good stuff, concerts, beer drinking, working, is it Kosher, river boat gambling, taint of the Southeast, Florida-Bama, meat market and a half, redneck extravaganza, retired over Texas, Clorox wipes, sperm and cat hair, interstellar hydrogen cloud gas stations, Kris Kross, Spaceballs, AIDs and the devil’s blood, ambiguity, brother Jew, smart/sexy, head massage, Shixa grabbing, sadness, Mrs. Machine is about the Southeast, the Jews origin story, coce in the bathroom, sailor suits, Popeye, Farrah Abrams, and a drinking quiz.


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