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Finally got a Space Update posted, Elon Musk ball-washing, Jews x 32, Rick Flair, Dr Phil Metzer and his authority, Tasman cometh, overspending on furniture, graduate school, two buck chuck, sexual confusion, identity crisis, Castro and North Korea, NASA’s asteroid plans, International Space Station, black holes and thermodynamics, Google glass with prescription lenses, Russian flamethrower tank, sports suck, freaknik, Million Man march, Fight Club, SpaceX again, thruster holes, The Machine is a pussy, sense of smell equals less sex, Dr Steve, and stinky holes.


E16 – Tazzman #fails

E40 – Tazzman Healeth


  1.  E16 – Tazzman #fails (RE-RELEASE) | Friday After Work - Many questions have been answered but how many more remain?

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