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Curiosity drils a hole on MarsWhat are “bleep” settings, our local corporate sponsor, failed recordings, @smolderkisses, stuff we’re supposed to like, Battlestar Galactica, South Park re: Scientology, geocentricity, taxes, drill holes on Mars, wrestling, the Hitlernet, drones, oral treats, cosmic fear-mongering, Tunguska event, avoiding midlife crisis, quitting for Jesus, DC-8s, the Catholic quitter, North Korea’s latest antics, X-band radar, and machine operating permits…among other things. We also meet a new friend and discuss the finer points of jewry.

2 Responses to “E1 – Access to Drones…kind of”

  1. TheCanadian

    Great show guys just one thing.

    “Days are defined as orbits around the sun?” That’s a year my friend. Rotation around the axis is a day.


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